My name is Adela born Germany and raised in Corpus Christi, Tx - home of Selena!- I reside in San Antonio, Tx. Self identify as Xicana/ Afro-latina with Mexican and Cuban roots, I saw a clear gap in accessories for little girls, las nenas. As most makers do, I wanted to fill the gap. Making bows and flower crowns and other pieces of wearable art, Ay Que Cute, just like your mom used to exclaim, was born out of the love for things of beauty and the beauty of little brown and black girls. I strives to make tiny pieces of wearable art for your
daughters, you nieces and yourself. Bridging the gaps between a queen
in the making, and a queen already rocking an invisible crown- Ay Que Cute is for girls like us, for women like us. Adding sazon to moños and coronas, made by a woman of color. Between making bows and crowns, I am also a poet, activist and mother. This is for the little brown and black girls that need to see themselves in the things they wear, too.

Ay Que Cute



ay que cute


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What does a feminist economy mean to you?

Feminist economy means to me a Revolution. I want to be the new model the new idea that little black and brown girls see now and will seen as the norm in future generations i want to excite, inspire and motivate. I want women and young women of color to dismantle the white male privilege from spaces we should be witness to our own reflections and cultura.