Artist Bárbara Miñarro has finally decided to follow her teenage dreams! Enter Breakfast Friend. For as long as she can remember, Barbara has had a fascination for handbags and purses. From sourcing them to altering them… So what better way to honor her lifelong enjoyment than by creating her own hand-painted handbag collection? Breakfast Friend is an online store composed of hand-painted and altered vintage, second-hand, and new purses. Bárbara holds a Bachelor in Fine Arts and is an exhibiting contemporary artist living and creating in San Antonio, TX.  She hand-paints her creations in small batches from her home studio.



Breakfast Friend

san antonio, tx | custom bags


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breakfast friend


What does a feminist economy mean to you?

My entire life I have been directly or indirectly part of a comadre economy. I've seen the importance of a feminist economy in my paternal grandma having to support her young family of five as a single mother as an informal pastry chef and seamstress. To my mother working as a seamstress employing an all-womxn team in her 20s. To the present day, as I embark with my own business. As a non-citizen immigrant and womxn, I find it essential to have accessibility and create my own economy, without depending on any institution or anyone else besides myself.


How does your work uplift your community?

I hope that I serve as an example to our community. I am someone who started my project of Breakfast Friend without a business background or a significant monetary investment. But found a way to use my skills as an artist and my dream of having my own brand as fuel to diversify my income during adversity.