My first educational experiences occurred while sitting around my Tia Mary’s red kitchen table surrounded by strong women who taught in the Indigenous manner of oral tradition. My first lesson in color and history I learned from my grandmother Mapi, who made piñatas. Ama Juanita, my maternal grandmother died before I was born but she left our family a great legacy, our language. With this legacy of language came the culture, the remedies, the massages, and the herbal teas our family continues to use in healing today.

Debora Kuetzpal Vasquez is a home girl from San Anto, a multi-media Xicanx artivist, educator, and business owner. Observing mujeres through the lens of a child has shaped her life, work, and the creation of her cartoon character, Citlali, La XicanX Anti-Hero, which challenges social and political issues pertaining to womxn and Raza (people). She comes from a long line of curanderas (native healers) but her method of healing is through her art. She is re-imagining and re-imaging the patriarchal cultural myths that position womxn as unscrupulous characters through a Xicanx feminist perspective. She makes art because she believes there is no better method she possesses to open minds and hearts.

 In addition to her artwork, Kuetzpal has several businesses that root off this work, Puro Corazon Art and Corazones On Fire: Art With A Cultural Edge. Puro Corazon Art sells digital prints, t-shirts, phone cases, bags, and pillows with images Kuetzpal’s original artwork that reflects all the Ideals stated above. Corazones On Fire sells signed digital prints and downloadable prints for those last minute holiday gifts. You can also download an amazing informative coloring book about the 7 Indigenous Warrior foods and coloring pages. You can also order stickers individually or in packs. All the prints are available as original artworks as well.

Along with Bianca Sapet, her business and life partner, Kuetzpal offers virtual painting parties through Corazones On Fire: Painting With A Cultural Edge, a healing arts business. Book a party and you will learn a little cultura, a little art history, and paint a your own culturally relevant work of art. Stay safe with everyone right at their own businesses, non-profits, universities or in their own home. Kuetzpal also takes commissions of personal, expressionistic, and creative portraits. Give someone you love the gift of art!!!

Debora Kuetzpal Vasquez


san antonio, tx | art

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What does a feminist economy mean to you?

A feminist economy is important to give a more objective perspective to the inequity of the world, especially the art world. As well as penetrating the patriarchal system in place, a feminist economy will restructure and create a sustainable, equitable economic system.


How does your work uplift your community?

My work offers the community a XicanX feminist perspective to economic sustainability in the arts.

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