I am a native New Mexican Jeweler and Santero. I have been practicing these art forms for over 7 years. I started out by carving and painting religious pieces. I wanted to add silver attributes to some of my carvings such as crowns and earrings found on traditional pieces.

     I soon began learning the art of Silversmithing which not only gave me the skills to add those traditional attributes found on historic pieces, but also develop my one of a kind style found in my "Santo Collection". My style is constantly evolving and I am always trying to learn new techniques.

    I feel that my work is affordable to a wide variety of people. One can look through my online store and purchase beautiful dainty lightweight Jewelry designs and custom one of a kind pieces all within the same site. All of my Jewelry is made with sterling and fine silver. I use genuine gemstones in all of my pieces.


Felipe Rivera

Albuquerque, NM | Jewelry


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What does a feminist economy mean to you?  


A part or of feminist economy involves researching “care work” which in the past may have been considered unpaid work such as teaching, personal care, day care, nursing or other jobs that care for others. My “9-5” job is an occupational therapist which would be considered a “care job” I work in a charter school 2 days per week with pre-k through high school children. In addition, the agency I run serves many people with developmental disabilities all over New Mexico increasing skills of daily living that are meaningful to them as well as integrate and participate in community activities.

How does your work uplift your community 


My art is a reflection of my community, my culture, and my heritage. I hope each piece that I create brings joy to those who purchase and makes a connection to let them see where “ I come from”. 

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