Reyes Devore, from Jemez Pueblo, is owner of HeARTwork, an Indigenous Matriarch local business. Reyes comes from a longline of artists in her family that she has been influenced by. Her work bridges both traditional and contemporary mediums together bringing forth one of kind hand painted creations. HeARTwork offers earrings, necklaces, canvas pieces, holiday decor and collab pieces with her 12 year old son. If interested please follow social media pages which us where HeARTwork is sold.

Tekanompa (Thank You)



Heart Work

Albuquerque, NM | Jewelry

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  • What does a feminist economy mean to you?

    • I envision beyond past a feminist economy. This means a society where there is more than just equal pay or equity for people; it's a place where the exploitation of labor is no longer in existence as it is seen within the capitalist system today.  I see us  thriving while living in communal collective care where the matriarch is uplifted. 

  • How does your work uplift the community?

    • HeARTwork aims to uplift the community in Tiwa Territory and beyond by sharing Pueblo traditional and contemporary art forms. I really do my best to share messaging that will support other local and small businesses instead of large corporations. Each piece I create is made with heart and I do my best to make affordable art, therefore I hope that when each piece is worn or displayed it continues to provide those good intentions.