II Gemini Crafts are 2 Diné women, mother and daughter, with crafty wears. We produce handmade, one of a kind jewelry for the individualistic human being. II Gemini Crafts binds the spirit of Albuquerque’s art scene to your personal style.


2 Gemini Crafts

Albuquerque, NM | Jewelry

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TWO Gemeni crafts



What does a feminist economy mean to you?

Feminism is at its heart a theory that demonstrates equality on all levels of the human existence; access to health care, socio-economic status, legislation that supports our basic human needs, and above all respect amongst others without prejudice and racism. With that in mind a feminist economy explains how everyone regardless of race or gender has an equal opportunity to obtain sustainability that involves equal and fair wages, the opportunity for upward mobility, and successful edevours. In regards to those statements our small business feels that everyone deserves to be successful in the edevours of their choosing with the chance for entrepreneurship.  


How does your work uplift your community?


The jewelry and art we create are vessels for individuals to feel confident, different, and unique. The jewelry work is all one-of-kind pieces that are not recreated, statement pieces, and ways to create conversation with others. The community of New Mexico, specifically Albuquerque, is an arts based hub to which we find motivation in the surroundings; the colors of the sunsets/sunrises, the diversity of the people, the strength and pride we all share to call this our home. Indigenous beadwork is in itself a community; a community that has passed on its designs, teachings, and multi-faceted styles. By sharing our jewelry/beadwork we hope to inspire others, share our stories, and create a safe space for dialogue.