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Mal Genio Colectivo is comprised of Max Yardbird (CO.) and Adri De La Cruz (NM). The mission is simple: use art to benefit the community. We at Mal Genio Colectivo screen print our original designs to raise funds for mutual aid and hope to contribute to more community resources in Albuquerque. 


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What does a feminist economy mean to you? 

Feminist economy starts with the notion that all people will have what they need. Instead of a capitalist economy which starts with the notion on scarcity. With a feminist economy all people/ participants will have the things they need. People will make a living wage thus helping people to exist without the strife that capitalism causes.

How does your work uplift the community?

Mal Genios Collectivo was started with the most vulnerable people in our community in mind. We wanted to use our artistic skills to help organization like Albuquerque mutual aid to continue there very important work. Mal Genios Collectivo gives 50% of proceeds to Albuquerque mutual aid as of now and we hope to be able to expand to other organizations in the future. This is our "business model" as long as we are a collective we will always be here to financial contribute to organization who are doing much needed ground work!