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I am Esther Guajardo, happily retired from the corporate world work force and living my life doing what I love most, which is working in the arts. I have a home based, small culturally  oriented business that I started over 15 years ago. I put a name to it, Manosmias because my work is done by hand and by me. I started embroidering in January of 2017 to promote the lost art of our grandmothers. I wanted to try something different, but keeping it in my same cultural element, so I decided not to embroider just birds and flowers but do some of our icons, La Virgen Guadalupe, Frida, conchas. I also do ethnic jewelry. My main objective now is to promote, help, and encourage our younger generation to embrace this wonderful and relaxing form of art. I make kits for learning and hopefully encourage them to keep embroidering and make their own designs.


How does your work uplift your community?

I believe my work is valuable to the feminist economy because it inspires young women who may not be familiar with  the lost art of embroidery. This is  a very domestic art that can be used to promote our causes like protest images, political quotes, etc.