Mesquite Papi focuses on ecology, food, art and decolonized histories from a Coahuiltecan Native perspective and offers naturally dyed accessories and upcycled biodegradable seed-paper cards.



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Mesquite Papi

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What does a feminist economy mean to you?

My fondest childhood memories are those of following my mother to work at her family's quinceanera & bridal store. All of my mom's tias worked there either as crafters to design decorations for weddings and coming of age parties and gown seamstresses. They were magicians with threads and needles creating gowns. There were rooms filled with racks so full of dresses, fabric and tulle that it felt like walking through giant cotton candy colored clouds. My mother and her aunts taught me to value my skills and to work to make the most of what life has dealt you. More than 30 years later their business has grown and still operating. My mother's family started their shop out of a flea market booth off of old highway 90 & Fredericksburg, with just a few bucks and spoke no English when migrating to the U.S. Their encouragement and example of free enterprise give me faith in turning my goals into reality.