MIJA Folk Art is an art collective composed of a mother and her 3 daughters. Together, they aim to provide a wide range of handmade and locally designed gifts that celebrate family, love and culture. Each an artist in their own right, MIJA Folk Art creates art in a variety of mediums with diverse materials in order to create items that include but are not limited to paper mache, paintings, wall hangings, pom poms, stickers, and more.

Mija Folk Art

san antonio, tx | art


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mija folk art


What does a feminist economy mean to you?

A feminist economy is an economy that recognizes the essential goods and services made by women for women. The labor of women is so often undervalued and underpaid, specifically women of color and domestic workers. A feminist economy puts the goods and services that women offer at the center and does not allow for our contributions to go unrecognized.

How does your work uplift your community?

MIJA Folk Art offers artwork that celebrates who we are and where we are from in order to uplift the communities we love and care about. 

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