Tł’éé’honaa’éí Asdzáán (Moon Grrl)


Becki Jones identifies as a Diné Queer Femme that creates resin jewelry. She started her craft in early 2019 and has been growing ever since. The composition of her jewelry is political statements that swing far left and local flora. She also uses local herbal medicines from her community such as cedar and sage. Her regular jewelry is for everyone, but the medicine jewelry is for BIPOC folks. Please reach out to her IG for any questions.



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Moon Grrl

Albuquerque, NM | Jewelry



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What does a feminist economy mean to you?


What I think of when I hear feminist economy is the redistribution of wealth, equal opportunities for non-cishet men, and items that are priced for accessibility for both seller and buyer.  

How does your work uplift your community?  

I try to be a good relative by supporting my community in anyway I can. I try to redistribute my wealth back to my community through shopping local and sharing my communities social media events. It's been challenging during COVID, but utilizing the internet has been a great way for me to grow and network with other Indigenous, Black and Brown vendors. My resin work and IG voice mirrors my leftist views on everything. I try to uplift folks who have the same views as well, because I don't want to waste my platform on just selling jewelry. I want to be intentional with my jewelry, my views and raising awareness around issues that are affecting my community. I'm always open to sharing a flyer, donating a piece to a raffle and raising money for mutual aid. 

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