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Hello, my name is Patricia Maestas. I am a tribal member of the Pueblo of Ohkay Owingeh.  I am a mother of 3 children, my oldest, Jacquelynn Guerin who is a Registered Nurse, married and a mother of 3 boys, we have a set of Twins, Lauren and Franki who are freshman at New Mexico State University and I live with my significant other Raymond Chavez. 


I am the owner of the Native Arts of the Rio Grande in Ohkay Owingeh, NM.  Native Arts Gallery now known as the Native Arts of the Rio Grande has been open since January of 2013, and up until March of 2020 the gallery thrived and provided Traditional Art to incoming tourists, provided traditional attire and accessories for Tribal members of my village and held traditional art classes to tribal members of Ohkay Owingeh to keep the traditions alive. 


The original intent on opening the gallery was to provide a place for all artists to display their artwork, a place to teach our tribal members our traditional arts, especially our youth, and a place for tourists to learn about our community.  Ohkay Owingeh, had a cooperative in the village for many years but was shut down due to lack of funds.  Ohkay Owingeh, had no other place to help our artists for over 10 years so the idea was to show our council that it was needed.  I was allowed to start this project with approval of our council and did it successfully for 7 years.  The contribution from the Council was the use of a building in the center of the Pueblo which allowed a perfect location for all and for tourists as well.   


In March of 2020, the Covid Pandemic hit our state and caused several Pueblos to shut down to protect its members.  The Gallery was one of those businesses affected by the shutdown.  I was able to continue to do business by appointment only for the first couple of months but the numbers of positive cases rose and this became harder to do.  During this time of the shut down the Governing staff of Ohkay Owingeh decided they were going to make changes in the village and notified me that the building I was in needed repairs and they couldn’t afford to fix them so they were going to give my building to the Housing department. I was devastated after providing my business in this unique location for 7 years.  I couldn’t close down completely because my shop was essential to not only my Pueblo but to all the surrounding Pueblos.  I found and purchased a small shed and in two weeks moved 7 years’ worth of inventory, supplies and equipment to my own personal property.  I have continued my business by appointment only and the losses have been so great but I will not give up! 

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